About Tateyama Kasei Shoji

About Tateyama Kasei Shoji

As a trusted business partner for you

We support the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and health foods from the raw materials and contribute to society.

Tateyama Kasei Shoji has a raw material ・ intermediate manufacturer, Tateyama Kasei as our backbone, and are providing products that are manufactured under safe and secure environments and respond to customer's requirements.

Our two core businesses are consist of three trusts.

  • Trust in development

    We research and develop products required by customers.

  • Trust in secure dealings

    We provide with safe products in a stable situation on time.

  • Trust in new materials

    We constantly explore new materials and continue providing with them to new markets. We will also push forward to explore new applications.

  • Domestic sales, import and export
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Health, Beauty
  • Trust in development
  • Trust in secure dealings
  • Trust in new materials

Sales of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), materials for cosmetics, electronic materials, materials for industrial use and import / export business

Sales, import, export

Utilizing Tateyama Kasei Shoji's domestic and overseas networks, we research and procure materials for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, raw materials for industrial use, which our customers wishe.
Unlike other trading companies in general, we can take full advantage of backup of Tateyama Kasei, so it is negotiable to offer the quality assurance at Tateyama Kasei as collateral for the stable supply.

Contract manufacturing business

Contract manufacturing business

Consignment of pharmaceutical / intermediate compounds, raw materials for industrial use

We manufactures products which correspond 100% with customers' requests with the help of satisfying research and production system of Tateyama Kasei and raw material procuring network of Tateyama Kasei Shoji.. Our sophisticated techniques are well accepted domestically and internationally.

Tateyama Kasei's core technology

  • Cyanation · cyanohydrination reaction
  • Various reactions using active methylene
  • Catalytic reduction reaction
  • Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds
  • Oxidation reaction
  • Reaction of law temp. to -90°C
  • Others: Friedel Crafts reaction, Grignard reaction, etc.
Electronic materials

Responding to electronic materials

Tateyama Kasei manufactures electronic raw materials for, photo voltaic, liquid crystal display, resist and organic electro-luminescence. We adopt quality control system which is constructed by pharmaceutical c-GMP, and produce them with the same control system of pharmaceuticals. Also, we can accept contract-based manufacturing of materials which require to lower the metals residue.


Challenge to functional materials

The intermediates / raw materials produced by Tateyama Kasei are highly versatile and are used as raw materials for electric materials, medicines, perfumes, dyes and adhesives. In recent years, including the derivatives, the functionality of these compounds has been reevaluated and we received consignments from the most advanced technology fields.

Major products

  • Cyanacetic acid esters
  • Malonate esters
  • Malonic acid · Cyanacetic acid etc.


  • Raw material for semiconductor detergents
  • Raw material for special photographic chemical
  • Metal surface treatment agent
  • Special coating material

Subcontract business teamed up with various manufacturers in Japan and overseas which specialize in specific reactions.

We teamed up with manufacturers of high-pressure reduction, halogenation, precision molecular distillation etc in Japan and overseas. Tateyama Kasei controls and guarantees quality and realizes high quality at low price. It is attractive that lead time can be shortened including various regulations / applications.

Health · Beauty Business

Health · Beauty Business

Related to Health foods (supplements)

Health food is taken via the mouth of end users directly. So, high quality product is the must condition. Tateyama Kasei Shoji provide with safe raw materials supported by high techniques.

Major products

  • α-lipoic acid (thioctic acid)
  • Oilipo 80
  • Aqua lipo series
  • Lactobacillus narinene

Provision of medicine related materials

We do research and procure for reliable domestic and overseas manufacturers as well as APIs and intermediates manufactured by Tateyama Kasei.

Major products

  • Thioctic acid
  • Thiocticamid
  • Quazepam
  • Generic APIs
  • Pharmaceutical intermediates

Related to Cosmetics

Major products

  • α-lipoic acid (thioctic acid)
  • Aqua lipo series
  • Hyaluronic acid

Tateyama Kasei Shoji Co., Ltd.


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    About 5 minutes on foot from the exit 11 (about 350 m)
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Tokyo office

I.K Bldg 5F, 3-6-9, NihonbashiHon-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023
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E-mail tks_osaka@tateyamakasei.com


JR / Subway

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