TATEYAMA KASEI Production plants & facilities

Production plants & facilities

Toyama plant

Toyama plant
Toyama plant

The Toyama plant is located in Imizu City, which is located between Toyama City, where the prefectural offices located and Takaoka City, which is the second biggest city in the prefecture. In the plant area, there are nine production buildings, wastewater treatment facilities, warehouses, etc., and a quality control building, laboratory, a welfare building and an administrative building are also installed.

The Toyama plant was started operation in 1978, and its headquarters functions were transferred in 2006. In addition to the laboratory in general, it also has a mini scale reactor / kg-lab facilities which equip 10 L to 30 L reactors mainly, and it also supports small volume production from hundreds grams to several kilograms.

In addition, we have a manufacturing license of pharmaceuticals, and we have five lines of 100 L, 500 L, 1000 L, 3000 L, 5000 L in the plant as refining facilities for APIs, and a clean room that can install a 20 L flask into the laboratory. With these facilities for pharmaceuticals, in addition to our own products as well as contract manufacturing, we deal with gradual scale-up manufacturing of pharmaceuticals from hundreds grams for research to several tons for commercial.

  • Quality control building

    Quality control building

  • Researching institute

    Researching institute

  • Mini scale reactor

    Mini scale reactor

  • Reactors


  • Refining facility of APIs

    Refining facility of APIs

  • Clean rooms

    Clean rooms

  • Crystallization reactor of APIs

    Crystallization reactor of APIs

  • Conical dryer

    Conical dryer

Toyama Plant production facilities

Plottage 29,500m2
Reactors GL 100~8,000L ×39
SUS 500~10,000L ×17
Teflon 100~150L ×2
Dryers Conical 500~3,000L ×7
Shelf ×4
Fluidized ×1
Paddle 2500L ×1
Centrifuges 30~48inch(SUS ×9、RL ×1、Teflon ×4、Hastelloy ×2)
Distillation apparatus 1,000~4,800L ×5
Hydrogen reduction equipment 650L SUS ×1(10kgf/cm2)/6,000LSUS×1(10kgf/cm2
Mills / Crushers Hammer mill×1, Speed mill×1
Sample mill (pin type)×2、Pin mill×1
Twin impeller opposed air flow dry grinding machine×2、
Built-in classifier Built-in impact type pulverizer×1
Clean rooms(Class 100,000) 100L×1、500L×1、1000L×1、3000L×1、5000L×1
Other Steam heating system(to 130℃)、Brine cooling system(to -15℃)
Waste water treatment(Activated sludge treatment)

Kyushu plant

Kyushu plant
Kyushu plant

The Kyushu plant is located in Tagawa in the center of Fukuoka prefecture. It started operation in 1972, five manufacturing buildings, a quality control building, an administrative building, a wastewater treatment facility, etc. are installed. As a characteristic facility, we have an indirect cooling type ultralow temperature reactor, a filtration dryer and so on.
The same as Toyama Plant, we have a manufacturing license for pharmaceuticals and has 2 lines of refining facilities of 6000 L for APIs, so it is suitable for manufacturing APIs which re relatively big volume and stable demand.

  • Quality control building

    Quality control building

  • Office building

    Office building

  • Low temperature reactor

    Low temperature equipment

  • Filtration dryer

    Filtration dryer

  • Reactor


  • Conical dryer

    Conical dryer

  • SV Mixer

    SV Mixer

  • Mill


Kyushu plant production facility

Plottage 15,300m2
Reactors GL 200~6,300L ×24
SUS 300~8,000L ×15
Dryers Conical 1,000~2,000L ×4
Shelf ×1
SV Mixer 1,000L(SUS x2)
Filter Dryer 300L ×1
Centrifuges 32~48inch(SUS ×5、RL ×1、Hastelloy ×1)
Distillation apparatus Thin-Film Evaporator ×2
Low temperature equipment 2,400LSUS ×1
Hydrogen reduction equipment 650L SUS x1(10kgf/cm2
Mill Pin mill×2、Cutter mill×1
Clean rooms(Class 100,000) 6,000L ×2(GL)
Other Steam heating system(to 130℃)、Brine cooling system(to -15℃)
Waste water treatment(Activated sludge treatment)