Tateyama Kasei's strength

Tateyama Kasei's strength

In 1953, we started our business with the manufacture of Methylephedrine.

Based on c-GMP, under thorough quality control & assurance system, we widely produce APIs, pharmaceutical intermediates and Organic Compounds such as Electronic Materials.

Meanwhile a global request against quality control and quality assurance is getting bigger, we supply products which are really valuable to the customers more widely to the world. To save the global environment, we enrich our efficient production system and appropriate pollution treatment facilities and we consider health, safety and environmental protection.
We always take care of quality, response and environment, and are subject to development of high added value products, and are aimed at further development.

Tateyama Kasei's strength

Core techniques

  • Our Expanding Contract-Based Manufacture Bussinesses

    Contract-based Manufacturing of API, pharmaceutical intermediates and industrial raw materials

    We manufacture products which correspond 100% with customers' requests with the help of satisfying research and production system of Tateyama Kasei and raw material procuring network of Tateyama Kasei Shoji.. Our sophisticated techniques are well accepted domestically and internationally.

  • Electronics materials

    Electronics materials・Functional materials

    We manufacture electronic raw materials for, photo voltaic, liquid crystal display, resist and organic electro-luminescence. We adopt quality control system which is constructed by pharmaceutical c-GMP, and produce them with the same control system of pharmaceuticals. Also, we can accept contract-based manufacturing of materials which require to lower the metals residue.

  • materials

    Health food / cosmetic raw materials

    The health food market, such as lifestyle related disease control measures, is expanding steadily. We, Tateyama Kasei, will provide materials of high-quality health food and cosmetics with low-molecular synthesis techniques and quality control level of pharmaceuticals which we have cultivated by now.

Tateyama Kasei's core techniques

  • Cyano
  • Reactions of
    active methylene groups
  • Catalytic
    Reduction reaction
  • Synthesize of Heterocycles compounds
  • Oxidation reaction
  • Friedel-crafts reaction
  • Grignard reaction
  • Halogenation
  • Reaction of law temp. to -9O℃
  • Enzymatic reaction
  • Functional group protection